Dark Pony

Dark PoNY

If a tree falls in the forest will anybody hear?

If a guy sitting in his garage in the middle of America spent his time crafting perfect pop masterpieces would anybody hear? Would anybody care? 

Dark Pony is the alter-ego of Minnesota based producer/performer Jon Herchert. Instead of chasing musical dragons in the far-away musical jungles of Los Angeles and New York, the Dark Pony has set out on a hero’s journey of discovery right in his own backyard. Literally his own backyard.

And the fruits of those labors are beginning to see the light of day. Suburban Serenade Volumes I and II. Annie Mack, Thomas Abban. Sad Picnic. Olivia Ronning. Cameron Wright. Songs. Sounds. Albums. EP’s. Websites. Creation. Connection. Community.

It’s a wonderous stew that is slowly coming into view. And yes - people are hearing. and people are caring. It’s arevolution. A revolution of you. And me. And soon for the whole world to see.