Dark Pony

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Dark Pony is the alter-ego of Deck Night founder & producer Jon Herchert. Since 2011, Jon has worked with hundreds of artist of all backgrounds and ages. He’s passionate about life, and everything that involves creativity.


Picking up his first guitar at age 12, Jon quickly discovered his artistic ability. Just 4 years later, he made his first debut at the Cedar Cultural Center in 1990 when he and Jason Bush (songwriter/bassist) launched Mango Jam, which became one of the 90‘s most popular jam bands, releasing 4 CD’s and relentlessly touring the country.

21 years later, Jon decided to join Grammy Award-winning artist Jonny Lang on his “Turnaround” tour, starting a journey that led to Jon’s own turnaround. Performing guitar and vocals with Lang reignited the powerful desire to create and perform his own music again - this time as Dark Pony. He returned to the ‘burbs, committed to creating his own one-of-a-kind soulful, authentic & infectious sound and successfully released “Suburban Serenade”; a potent bomb of earnest pop songs that pay tribute to a man's hope, fear and ultimately, a love for his life.